China Newswire Social Media Content Marketing

Chinese consumers and businesses are buying and selling on the Internet, and gaining fantastic online visibility inside China is the key to maximizing investments. China Newswire works with a network of influential news and media websites in China to push your corporate message in front of important decision makers. Create a content marketing message, write a great press release, or submit your company's next promotion, and China Newswire both distributes your message and and then monitors the impact.

China Newswire aids you in connecting with journalists, investors, readers, and consumers around the world. We provide the leading platform for Chinese-language and English-language press release distribution throughout China.

How Does China Newswire Work

We help companies in crafting solid messages that will incorporate their company standards and ideals into press releases sent to journalists focused on the China market. We provide both English and Chinese language services and we syndicate our feeds to sites and journalists around the world using RSS and email.

Contact us for more information via our contact page and learn how we can help you in the Middle Kingdom with press release distribution services.

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Our History
China Newswire has been operating since 2000. Even before social media was an oft-used term, we were sending press releases and content marketing materials to online media in the Greater China area.

China Newswire was first acquired by Vocus Inc. in early 2010 from top SaaS and online marketing firm BDL Media, and then it was acquired as a standalone entity in 2012. China Newswire now operates as an independent entity.