Our History: In 2006 we opened our services to all companies interested in reaching journalists and consumers with their latest product offerings, company highlights, and investor information. Then China Newswire was acquired by Vocus Inc. in early 2010 from BDL Media and integrated into PRWeb.com. We were then acquired as a standalone entity in 2012, and China Newswire now operates as an independent entity.

Press Release Distribution
China Press Release DistributionChina Newswire aids you in connecting with journalists, investors, readers, and consumers around the world. We provide the leading platform for Chinese-language and English-language press release distribution throughout China.

Register here at ChinaNewswire.com and then upload and submit your press release. Your important company news will be distributed to hundreds of online China media, thousands of journalists, and available for millions of eager online readers. We then provide you an ongoing media report to showcase where your press release has been picked up so you can track your own "ROM", Return-On-Message!

China Media Database
tables-iconOver 30,000 individual records of important China media information, including journalists, social media wonks, news editors, and public relations companies comprise this invaluable resource.

Updated continuously and available for licensing, this culled and targeted database is a great resource for companies targeting media campaigns in China, researchers analyzing China news trends, and sales personnel seeking an edge in China's booming news and media industry.

The China Media Database includes information on over 20,000 top Chinese journalists, with contact information, news beats, and more. Plus, we include over 10,000 records of media, public relations, and media service firms.

Contact China Newswire about China Media Database licensing information.